Friday, November 12, 2010


Booknovel I can’t believe I haven’t posted this before. But this past August I met my best friend (Mavenore/Dawsen/Sylerrinn) and her husband in-person finally after knowing her for 3 years online.

I would post a picture of them but I think Mavenore would kill me so in the interest of my health I’ll skip that. I will tell the world that Mav is geeky enough to own an Alliance Tabard however. Yes that’s right. An Alliance Tabard. How I wish I’d taken a picture of her wearing it. THAT one I’d have posted no matter the consequences. *grins evily*

Anyway we had a fun time doing touristy things like visiting the Space Needle, Wild Waves, and Point Defiance Zoo. There was also a truly epic game of Rock-Paper-Scissors when we couldn’t agree on a movie but you have to have been there to appreciate it.

They were wonderful and those three days were definitely the high-point of my summer. Maybe I can convince them to come to PAX next year…

In addition to all the fun we had they also gave me what I think is the most awesome gift ever. They dumped a large box on my lap packaged up in red wrapping paper and a silver ribbon. On opening it I found… well what you see in the pictures below. A picture of an adult Ruby in drake form that Mav drew with her mad art skills and a keepsake box that matches the dragon in the picture perfectly.

I have never been given such a thoughtful gift in my life and I <3 them both for it. Thank you so much Mavenore and Hubby for the gift as well as a truly happy summer memory that keeps me warm even as winter approaches!Rubylicious

Rubylicious indeed!


Rubylicious2 A new home and some neighbors.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Tiny Lioness.

I have a new kitty! She’s adoooooooorable. And she’s only been here a day and already so loving! She’ll come right up to me and start nuzzling and purring. I <3’s her already.

Unfortunately most of the pictures I took didn’t come out well as of yet but I did manage to get one good pic with her on her favorite spot on top of the sofa. So without further ado I present to you the little Lioness (name still pending)…


Friday, August 27, 2010

Wyrmhearth happenings 2

Originally posted to the DSC website on July 27th, 2010.

Another busy night at the Wyrmhearth last Saturday. Highlights included Leon truly taking his place as a Dragonsworn member, even submitting himself to "unmasking" when in the presence of his Matron and burning his Scarlet Crusade tabard.

Meanwhile Ishuzugosa dealt with the after-effects of the death of her Flight's Aspect: Malygos with her apathy toward the world only growing. Though the Dragonsworn tried to comfort her their efforts were in vain. Leon Rosette tried to engage her in another way, angering her and driving her to attack him in an attempt to make her fight... for anything. This worked too well and nearly saw the end of the Paladin at the hands of the blue drake.

Leon is expected to recover. Probably.

What will happen next week? Attend and find out: Saturday at 8pm!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sapphire Fury Pt. 13: Assault on the Nexus

Originally posted to the DSC website on July 27th, 2010.

EndGame At the beginning of March the DSC began it's Nexus War storyline. On Wed, July 21st that story came to it's final climax as the armies of the Red Dragonflight, the Kirin Tor, and the Dragonsworn Council launched an all out assault on the Nexus in an effort to bring down Malygos the Spell-Weaver.

Assembling at Amber Ledge the Dragonsworn Council were given their mission briefing by Matron Rublestrasza before setting out to Coldara. Bringing the Spell-Loom that Lexix had taken from Nilligos during the Siege of Wyrmrest Temple the Dragonsworn used the powerful artificat to disrupt the arcane ley lines and denied Malygos their use in the battle. While the forces of the Red Dragonflight and the Kirin Tor distracted the armies of the Blue Dragonflight the Dragonsworn confronted Malygos in a final epic battle where the death knight Lexix brought the Spell-Weaver down at last.

The Nexus War is over.

Thanks go out to everyone who attended who helped make the adventure so memorable: Exziber, Kylatriorna, Lexix (Dragon-Bane!), Ogumel, and Rublestrasza.

However the legacy of the Nexus War lingers on. Will the Blue Dragonflight be able to rebuild and resume their proper duties as given by the Titans? What will be the ultimate fate of Nilligos the Warden who is now in Dragonsworn custody? And will Ishuzugosa ever find peace?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sapphire Fury Pt. 12: The Siege of Wyrmrest

AzureDragonshrineOriginally posted to the DSC website on July 15th, 2010.

Last night the fury of the Spell-Loom was unleashed! Nilligos the Warden led a vast army of the Blue Dragonflight against Wyrmrest Temple itself in an effort to break the Wyrmrest Accord in a single blow and leave the Kirin Tor standing alone in the Nexus War.

Nilligos used the Spell-Loom to redirect the arcane energies of the Azure Dragonshrine against the Life-Binder. Alexstrasza managed to call up a magical shield to protect the Temple from complete destruction, but it took all her power to do so and she could not hold out long. At the same time the Blue Army engaged the forces of the Wyrmrest Accord, who found themselves leaderless, as Korialsrasz was forced to stay focused on his threatened Queen.

In this darkest hour the Dragonsworn Council flew into the battle, their new enchanted battle banner flying in the wind. As the armies clashed the Dragonsworn were able to hit the Azure Dragonshrine from the flank. Battling through Nilligos' personal guard, they finally reached the elder wyrm himself just as the Temple's shields collapsed and the Life-Binder's powers failed, leaving her at the mercy of the Spell-Loom's power.

Considering the Dragonsworn beneath his notice Nilligos froze them in place using the Spell-Loom and then flew to the Temple to take capture of kill the Life-Binder. Chasing after the elder wyrm the Dragonsworn arrived at Wyrmrest Temple to find it's defenders spent and lying helpless against Nilligos' judgment.

But even the mightiest among the great powers can be brought low by the smallest among us.

Striking as Nilligos was distracted the gnomish death knight Lexix death gripped the Spell-Loom out of the dragon's hands and into her own... turning the Spell-Loom against it's master!

Even with the artifact's power on the side of the Council the battle was long and difficult and nearly destroyed the entire core of the Dragonsworn. None of the defenders escaped unscathed and many were gravely injured, including Matron Rublestrasza.

The battle came down to each breath... any moment could bring victory or defeat... and even the fates could not know the outcome of this epic confrontation.

AMomentsRestFinally the powers of the Spell-Loom, the rallying magics of the Dragonsworn Banner, and the sheer stubborness of the Council prevailed forcing Nilligos to try to retreat... only to be brought down at last as he fled.

Rather than face execution Nilligos surrendered himself into the custody of the Dragonsworn. Being bound to his gnomish form by Korialstrasz, Nilligos is now in Dragonsworn custody. After a year and a half the Siege of Wyrmrest Temple is over at long last!

However, despite this monumental victory the Nexus War is not won. For waiting in the Nexus is Malygos himself. Until he is defeated the Dragonsworn cannot know peace.

Meanwhile... what will become of Nilligos and Ishuzugosa as those who keep them move against the Aspect of Magic himself? The Nexus War storyline comes to a final end next week! Hope to see you there!

Thanks to all those who attended this week and made this event so epic: Exziber, Lexix, Kylartriona, Ogumel, Rublestrasza, Steelshatter, and Wayhelm.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sapphire Fury Pt. 11

180px-Wyrmrest_Temple Originally posted to the DSC website on June 12th, 2010 as the intro to the penultimate adventure in our Nexus War storyline.

Korialstrasz surveyed the battlefield from the top of Wyrmrest Temple just as he did every day since the siege of Wyrmrest Temple had begun months ago. The blue assault seemed weaker than usual... were they running out of drakes to throw against the Accord at long last?

Tragic but it offered an opportunity.

"It is time we take the Sapphire Dragonshrine! Press the attack!" Korialstrasz bellowed to his draconic army.
The red drakes and elder wyrms were no longer merely in a defensive posture, but instead leaped forward to the attack. Korialstrasz watched with both sadness and satisfaction as the blues seemed to melt away, the survivors falling back even as the reds pushed forward.

Suddenly Korialstrasz felt the hairs on the back of his shape-shifted form stand up on end. Something was wrong... then he spotted it, a very large, blue scaled wyrm and from it Korialstrasz sensed... the Spell-Loom!

"Titan's preserve uss... it'ss a trap!" Korialstrasz cried out.

The air of Dragonblight cackled with arcane power as the blue wyrm Nilligos seemed to suck in the magic pouring from the Sapphire Dragonshrine directly by using the Spell-Loom, drinking it in... and then unleashing it on the helpless reds.
"Fall back!" Korialstrasz screamed but it was already too late. Scores of red dragons and wyrms were falling from the air as Nilligos unleashed the full fury of the Spell-Loom.

Even as a few stragglers made it back to the Temple Korialstrasz knew they no longer had the numbers to hold the Temple even without taking into account the Spell-Loom's awesome power.

Then the sound of multiple portals ripping holes in the fabric of reality could be heard. As Korialstrasz looked on in horror blue dragons of all types began filling the skies of the Dragonblight in numbers unheard of. This must be at least half the forces guarding Coldara Korialstrasz realized as with a sinking heart he knew Malygos was going all-in with this assault.

Korialstrasz turned, already trying to think of a way to force his Queen and consort Alexstrasza to flee... while she still could.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Wyrmhearth Tavern happenings.

Originally posted to the DSC website on July 11th, 2010.

HildwynCaught A eventful evening could be found at the Wyrmhearth Tavern last night. A seemingly constant stream of people came and went while the Dragonsworn Council itself had a strong presence with both new memembers and long-time members who had lately returned attending.

New member Exziber, the sometimes night elven druid, sometimes shape-shifted ogre signed up to become the Wyrmhearth's new bouncer. Meanwhile the orb of the black dragonflight was brought by Jaara and given over to Dragonsworn custody. The orb's previous owner is expected to make a full recovery from it's corrupting influence.

The missing druid Mavenore, often a decoration of the Wyrmhearth's mantle in kitty form, made his return, having escaped the clutches of the troll priest that had been holding him for some weeks.

The big news of the night however was the return of Archmage Vargoth's staff which had been stolen last week from the Dragonsworn's vault below the Wyrmhearth. The thief, a dwarven woman named Hildwyn, returned the staff after it kept... talking to her. Apparently the staff is quite annoying. After a stern speech from Matron Rublestrasza Hildwyn understood the seriousness of her mistake and it's negative effect on the Nexus War in the north. The imprisoned Arch-Mage Vargoth continues to be the Dragonsworn's only contact within the Nexus. Hildwyn is currently indentured to the Wyrmhearth Tavern as her punishment.

The night wrapped up with an injured woman arriving in the need of healing, and a heated arguement between a Paladin of the Scarlet Crusade and the Argent Crusade. Hope versus cynisism? Light versus a bloody grey?

As always anything can happen at the Wyrmhearth and often does! We hope to see YOU next Saturday at 8pm.


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